Saturday, June 8, 2013

PWM Throttle Goodness

I realized that changing the motor controller input to a pin capable of PWM was as simple as flipping the connector that plugs into the motor board and then remapping it in software. It didn't even require lighting up the soldering iron. :-)

The throttle control works great at 1000 hz PWM. It makes the rover capable of much finer control. Right now I'm driving around with the mouse, and it's  a bit clunky. At some point I might order a USB joystick now that the rover side is working well.

Now that basic control is working, I have the following goals:

  • Make a decent video showing the thing driving around.
  • Integrate the video streaming into the Android app that handles the IOIO, rather than using IP Webcam.
  • Improve power management.
  • Possibly write a client program for Android as well, so you can drive it from a phone.

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