Saturday, June 29, 2013

Video: The Rover In Action

A brief demo of the rover running around under WIFI control.

Link to higher quality Vimeo version:

Next step is some code cleanup on the client and server code so I can put it here. I hope it might be useful for someone.

Possibilities I am tossing around for next steps:

- Adding some sensors and allowing autonomous driving
- If I did decide to pursue the video preview frame some more, I could use the camera for some simple machine vision, and that would be cool.
- Adding GPS support and teaching it to drive to waypoints.
- An Android client so it can be driven from a phone instead of a laptop.


  1. I like that part in the video where it just kind of phases/teleports from place to place. That's a nice feature.

  2. That was a neat side effect of using two parts of the same clip, with a crossfade in between. Entirely by accident, but I know how to duplicate it. :-)