Thursday, July 25, 2013

Android Rover - Alpha Code

I have gotten a request for a copy of my code. As it stands, its not pretty - it's been hacked on as I went as opposed to a proper top down design. The class design needs work. The network communication protocol is extremely wasteful - for ease of debugging since I started sending commands to the phone with a telnet client. There are plenty of improvements that I intend to do for robustness.

But it does work. You can drive around with it. So it might be of use to someone. As I make it better, I'll post updates.

The client program is pretty Spartan - it was my first stab at sending commands to the rover and getting sensor values back (signal strength, currently). The video window thread just repeatedly grabs static images from the phone running IP Webcam. You drive by enabling the motors, and then moving the mouse to the extreme edges of your screen.

The code that runs on the phone is an extension of the HelloIOIOService sample application that is provided for the IOIO.

Have fun. :-)

Android client program 

Android Service that runs on the robot and controls the IOIO

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