Saturday, November 22, 2014

Syma X1 Camera Mount

I think the Syma X1 is about the best fun for the money in RC, ever. It's indestructible, flies well indoors or outdoors in calm air, is agile and fun to fly. It costs $30 or so on Amazon. I love it.

I tried a couple different ways of mounting a camera under it. The main challenge with this is to get it securely attached, since there is an oddly shaped battery assembly below the main platform. It has to be very light, since the quad doesn't have a lot of cargo capacity.

 This is the best I've come up with so far - it uses HobbyKing vibration mounts and some 3D printed parts. I printed them in ABS for light weight and a bit of flexibility, and I recommend that if you try it. The printed ring fits snugly around the circular frame that the control board electronics sit on and is attached with a couple zip ties. I had to slightly drill out the two unused screw holes in the circular frame.

I used an older 808 camera, which it lifts fine. There might be light enough FPV gear out there now, I'm not sure. There is still some vibration in the video - I'll probably try a little foam between the camera and platform to see if I can get rid of that. It's a fairly low frequency, since it's not causing "jello" (rolling shutter).

STL files hosted on Thingiverse here


  1. Hi Jason, This is exactly what I've been looking for! A friend printed off the pieces. I just have a few questions about assembling the mount. How is the mount attached to the quadcopter? It is difficult to tell from the photos you posted. Also, am I right in understanding that only one corner of the triangular piece is attached to the circular piece? Would it be possible to share a link of the vibration mounts you used? Thanks so much!

  2. Sorry for the delay, busy week. The vibration mounts I used are these:

    The mount attaches with small zip ties. I removed the screws that hold the clear plastic cover over the control board and replaced them with the ties. There are a total of 3 contact points between the circular piece and the triangle, one at each vertex of the triangle.

    I had a fair amount of vibration in the video - I have not done any experimentation since the test flight to see what I can do to reduce it. Currently I have it secured to the quad frame with only two zip ties - first thing I will do us increase that to 4 in case it is oscillating. Let me know how it goes!

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