Sunday, January 22, 2017

SOLD, Thanks! - Siskiwit Bay 17' strip built touring kayak for sale w/ Accessories

I am selling a strip built kayak that I built in 2008. It is built from plans - the design is Bryan Hansel's Siskiwit Bay. I built it for camping trips and day paddling, but changing circumstances have made that difficult, and I don't want to see it sit. It was built for adventure.

Want more detail? All these photos are available at full resolution in a Google Photos album.

 It has plenty of space for camping gear in the front and rear compartments, and has front and rear bulkheads. It also is a wonderful boat to paddle on lakes just to relax.

The boat is 17' long, and weighs 58 lbs.The deck is cedar, and the hull is pine. It uses a pretty standard fiberglass and epoxy overlay inside and out, as outlined in Nick Schade's book. The glass and epoxy were of very good quality since I knew I'd be paddling it out into the woods.  Extra layers were applied to the hull scrape zone and the rear deck, where you sit to get in and out. I'm a pretty big guy, and it carries me and camping gear with ease.

It has a seat back, hatch hold-downs and adjustable foot braces from Pygmy Boats. It includes a 1000D Cordura nylon cockpit cover I made, as well as a commercially made skirt. It also includes a Thermarest seat for the cockpit, which is comfortable and serves to keep you low and stable. Paddles, a very nice Kokotat life jacket, a bilge pump and a stern light are available, though not included. Details below.

The boat has been stored inside since it was built, with the exception of a couple overnight camping trips. It got 5 coats of spar varnish after completion, but it's due for another application now. Wood boats require care and some routine maintenance - every so often you have to varnish the wood to prevent yellowing of the epoxy when exposed to sunlight. It has not been paddled much over the last couple years, so has not seen much UV exposure.

A lot of effort was made to make the exterior look as good as I could make it, and it gets compliments most times it's on the water. I didn't put a lot of effort into making the inside look good - my logic was that it would generally be hidden by the cockpit cover or the sea skirt and paddler, and it was a tradeoff to save a few months of build time. I've included pictures of the cockpit below so that you can determine if you are comfortable with that tradeoff.  I understand that your time is valuable, and I don't want anyone to be surprised.

There are also some surface scratches on the bottom of the hull and the sides where the top and bottom. A light sanding and skim coat of epoxy will easily fix them. Pictures of those are below as well. I'd recommend that you fix the scratches, wait the recommended time for the epoxy to cure and avoid blush, and then varnish it.

The boat is registered in the state of Ohio. I am happy to provide you a bill of sale to facilitate transfer and registration. Please understand that I cannot provide a warranty - wood boats require inspection and maintenance, and determining that it is safe to paddle is your responsibility. That being said, I have spent a great deal of time paddling it without trouble, as have my friends and members of my family. It was a great project and has served me well. I hope you enjoy it.


Kayak with skirt and cockpit cover - $650
Werner paddle - $65 ($50 if bought with boat)
Adventure Paddle - $25 ($15 if bought with boat)
Kokotat Bahia XXL life jacket - $60 ($50 if bought with boat)
Bilge pump - $10
Stern light - $10

Front Hatch

Rear Hatch
Cockpit coaming detail

Light Scratches

Light Scratches

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